Born and raised in the city of Chicago, Bradley LaRocco obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Colorado State University and began his professional career in the field of manufacturing as an award winning Artisan cheesemaker. He has brought the refined combination of teamwork, leadership, and management skills together with creative intuition and development to the field of Film & Broadcast at Tribeca Flashpoint College. As a focused study Producing and Advanced Film Production graduate, Bradley has gained professional and technical experience in producing, shooting, and editing through on-set production and real world experiences. 

He has developed projects for notable professional clients such as Harley Davidson, TeacherCare, Women Tech Founders, United Way and many more.  Bradley is also the founder of the Chicagoland based media production company Missing Button Entertainment.  Latest projects include Producer, Cinematographer, and Editor credits in promotional pieces developed for the United Way Metropolitan of Chicago, Northern Trust, Mesirow Financial and Exelon in a very special cause entitled “Banding Together for United Way.” This was a large collaboration with these prestigious companies, in addition to teaming up with Tribeca Flashpoint College to capture the live musical event in downtown Chicago. 

Also included in his recent portfolio are projects developed for Chicago’s very own TeacherCare and Women Tech Founders companies, including a special documentary film where Bradley was the Producer, Cinematographer, Co-Editor for and is entitled “Max’s Story”. Current productions include work on a feature documentary entitled “Languages of Graffiti” based here in Chicago, and also producing a feature length independent narrative film set to be released in 2016. 


Artist statement

As a Producer and Filmmaker, I utilize my inner foundations as a historian and writer to construct meaningful visual stories. Throughout my collegiate career at Colorado State University and Tribeca Flashpoint College, I was always intrigued by meaningful stories associated with individuals that we never hear about. Often times I feel the stories we’re most familiar with come from those individuals with the loudest voices, and turn down the sound coming from those merely trying to be heard. I gravitate towards visual storytelling about complex characters that possess a strong sense of uniqueness and authenticity.

As an active writer, I have a personal admiration for the ideologies of realism, and the vast interpretations and projections of what is deemed truthful can be a true art form in itself. My interest for particular subject matter often lies within the relationships between individuals and the environment around them. Often times in the documentary work I produce, the process involves explorations into the many ways individuals can have an impact on their surroundings, and how their direct environment shapes those individuals themselves.

Collaboration is an important aspect of being a successful producer. When it comes to working with clients, producing a film or music video, I prefer working with a team to achieve the common goal of creating a great product that consistently meets and exceeds all expectations. I am producer with a strong passion for visual storytelling coupled with attention to quality and detail, while constructing stories that have a direct impact on the audience in meaningful ways.